PACKRAFT Autonomy and Progression course

The Packraft is synonymous with adventure, space and freedom! To make this dream come true, we offer Autonomy courses to help you acquire the right reflexes in safety and river navigation techniques.

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90€/day/person - Rate with your own material
110€/day/person - Rate with our equipment


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Duration of activity
6 Hours

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Minimum Age
16 years

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Monêtier-les-Bains - Saint-Chaffrey*
*Embarkation and disembarkation may vary according to water levels.

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To know how to swim 25m
Be in good physical condition

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Meeting Place
YOURAFT base at Monêtier-les-Bains
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This course is customizable. According to your desires and your level, we will design a course of progression in the region of Hautes-Alpes, on different courses.

The idea is to bring you to autonomy in the river thanks to a good navigation technique, a knowledge of the environment and safety techniques.

Here is an example of a program for a 3-day course:

Day 1 :

- Discovery of the boats and the navigation equipment. Analysis of the navigation possibilities (difficulty and type of rivers)

- Briefing on the basic safety rules on the river and simulation.

- Learning basic maneuvers on the water for navigation in a kayak / Packraft (propulsion, steering, balance)

- Discovery of basic maneuvers in the river (current recovery, stop, crossing the current)

- Navigation on a river course in class 2

- Places of practice (Durance, Guisane, Plan d'eau and slalom basin of Argentière-la-Bessée)

Day 2 :

- River navigation course on a class 2-3 course

- Improvement of basic river maneuvers.

- Analysis of the difficulty of a class 3 rapid with identification, identification of a navigation trajectory to cross it, identification of potential risks, implementation of an organization to cross the rapid in safety.

- Discover the different water movements.

- Discovery of the techniques of recovery of material and a swimmer.

- Location: Durance, Guisane, Clarée, Gyronde, depending on the navigation conditions of the moment.

Day 3 :

- River navigation course in class 2-3, longer or more technical according to your desire and your technical level.

- Discovery of the different tools that allow you to plan a river navigation (topos, maps, water level surveys, etc.) and to choose a course adapted to your boats and your technical level.

- Putting into situation with loading on the packraft (backpack)

- Technical and security contributions to become autonomous in navigation.

- Free navigation

- Location : Durance, Guisane, Clarée, Gyronde, according to the navigation conditions of the moment.

To the program

Tell us your availability, your level, your river experience and finally your desires. 

From that we will design your Packraft course.


Don't forget

  • Swimsuit
  • Closed shoes
  • Sunscreen lotion

what's included in the price

  • Rafting with a qualified guide
  • professional insurance
  • All the specific equipment for a whitewater activity (Neoprene suit, Lifejacket, Helmet, Paddle)
  • Shuttle Transport

For Who ?

- Packraft course for those who want to learn or improve their skills with this boat before going on an independent adventure.

- For those who want advice from professional whitewater guides after purchasing a Packraft.

- For those who want to try out this new ultra-light and adventure-ready boat, which is currently in vogue.

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Distance : - km

Season : Spring; Summer; Fall

Hours : 9h / 14h /

River name : Guil, Durance, Guisane, Gyr, Gyronde, Ubaye, Clarée, Romanche

Whitewater rating : II/III ou IV

rafting map Serre Chevalier Briançon

Meeting Place

Photo 1 - PACKRAFT Autonomy and Progression course
Photo 2 - PACKRAFT Autonomy and Progression course
Photo 3 - PACKRAFT Autonomy and Progression course
Photo 4 - PACKRAFT Autonomy and Progression course
Photo 5 - PACKRAFT Autonomy and Progression course

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